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Potted roses bring colour, style and warmth to your interior, balcony or patio! And that is how Difference Roses wants to make a difference. A careful process of breeding and selection creates crosses that lead to new rose varieties. These varieties bloom in shapes and colours that inspire and delight the imagination. By considering the wishes of consumers and growers, Difference Roses works towards the future of rose breeding. A joy to behold! These intensively trialled varieties not only offer innovative shapes and colours, they are also cultivated using environmentally friendly methods.



Attractive new varieties have been developed applying breeding and selection criteria that focus on characteristics including compact growth, well-branched plants, longevity and resistance to pests and diseases. Thanks to the stunning new colours and astonishing shapes this assortment of roses ranks among the world’s finest.


The foundation of our results is formed by the combination of modern production techniques, specialist classical breeding methods and practical experience: Varieties with very good cultivation characteristics with a focus on longevity and attractiveness. Outstanding consumer value is namely a stringent selection criterion.


The desired results are achieved as efficiently as possible by applying modern breeding techniques and careful selection. Our team consists of highly trained, experienced and dedicated professionals. Exchanging information on production and the experiences of growers and consumers from all over the world forms the basis for the best possible cross-pollination.


Innovative products from Difference Roses are adapted to suit the every-changing trends and consumer preferences in the market. Our rose varieties have won awards and prizes at many trade events.

the companies behind difference roses

Cooperation between HPD and Agriom in De Kwakel is the solid foundation on which Difference Roses has been built. In its dedicated nursery facilities HPD produces large numbers of uniform, high quality potted roses under the  Favourite Roses label. These roses are marketed via Vireõ. Agriom is a specialised breeding company that creates a huge range of ornamental plants through partnerships with various product specialists. A fine example of how market leaders cooperate in our dynamic, ornamental plant sector.







we give you an advantage through...


The route to innovative varieties using classical breeding methods with the aim of producing plants with superior quality and longevity.


Selection and multiple trials deliver, in addition to maintaining inspected and disease free, Naktuinbouw certified Elite propagating material, clean and healthy crops and guarantee the best quality cuttings for our licence holders.

assistance & advice

Our experts are ready to assist and advise growers all over the world so they can produce high quality potted roses in a huge range of forms.

top quality

Cuttings and young plants of top quality are the basic conditions for healthy potted roses. We can ensure a great start for every producer of our varieties.


All Difference Roses varieties are protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights or patents (if applicable). We protect the interests of our customers in cooperation with Royalty Administration International.

our varieties

Discover our varieties. You can recognise our varieties thanks to their:

well-branched plants and high number of buds

compact growth habit / lower use of growth inhibitors

highly uniform growth pattern between varieties

good longevity: at least 18 days

resistance / tolerance to pests and diseases

wonderfully shaped flowers, well-filled: a true ‘rose’

brightly coloured blooms

uniform colour foliage

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For commercial information and advice:



Jaap Stelder
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  • Agriom
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De Kwakel, March 2021 – Difference Roses wants to make a difference. In a short video HPD en breeder Agriom show how they work together in De Kwakel to create innovative and high quality products. See the video for yourself.


De Kwakel, March 2019 – On Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 March you are very welcome to attend the Vireõ Garden Fair, Hoofdweg 13, 1424 PC De Kwakel. Exhibitor and top breeder HPD will be displaying a host of potted roses from the Difference Roses range. Discover the quality of our varieties and range of ...